Lecture & Tour

Cultural Exchange

Government Organizations

    • Government Resource Connection
    • Government Official Visits and Exchange Activities
    • Government Programs and Collaborations

Healthcare Sector

    • Medical Conferences
    • Medical Training
    • Academic Exchanges and Visits
    • Hospital Visits and Training

Biology and Pharmaceutical Industry

    • Company Visits
    • Industry Conferences and Meetings
    • Business Program Exchanges
    • Industry Collaborations

Finance Industry

    • Financial Training 
    • Financial Organization Visits
    • Industry Exchange Programs

Education Industry

    • Ivy League School Visits
    • Education Industry Exchange Activities
    • Educational Program Collaborations
    • Teacher Training and Certifications

High Tech Industry

    • Start-up Investment Programs
    • High-tech Company Visits
    • High-tech Industry Exchange
    • Incubator and Startup Center Visits

Our Past Events

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