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Lecture & Tour

ESL Class in the U.S

Students will attend a four-week ESL(English as a Second Language) class in a private school in the U.S. LTI helps students register for these classes, arrange their transportation from the airport, book their hotels or school dormitories and other incidentals. Because of our service, international students will have a seamless transition before and after their class.

Cultural Experience

On the weekend or national holidays, LTI will organize small tours around historic cities of Boston, Lowell, Hartford, or New York City. On major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, LTI will bring our students into American homes to experience authentic American culture and exceptional hospitality.​

Certified Native Teachers

The students will attend the instruction sessions, offered by an accredited native speaker who has years of experience of teaching ESL, with classmates from all over the world. In addition to practicing their English in this full-immersion environment, students are also encouraged to build friendships. To those who successfully complete the course and meet all language requirements in the final exam, the host institution and LTI will provide a certificate when the students return to their home country.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of service do you provide?

Since we have a great relationship with local schools, host families, and hotels. We arrange housing, open up a bank account, and select a phone plan for our students. We also do many other things including day-to-day transportation and tours in the U.S.

How much is your service?

We charge on average $2000 dollars for a two-week program, not including the tuition fee. Students can also customize our service to fit their needs, and prices vary for customized service.

Can anyone come?

In general, Yes! We offer programs without prerequisites. But if you have TOEFL or IETLS scores, feel free to submit them as we can find a more suitable program/school for you. 

How many students come per year?

On average, we host about 300-400 students each year from all over the world. Most of them became friends over our program of studying.

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Our students say

"I love working with Lecture & Tour! I made so many friends while I am here.Their staff is amazing and truly care about us students!"
Student 2016
"There aren't many experienced study-abroad companies in Japan so I reached out to L&T in Boston. My feeling is that they are very professional and experienced. I will recommend it to anyone."
Student 2018
"It was my first time studying in the U.S. and frankly I was bit scared. But Lecture & Tour helped me every step of the way so I really felt like I have a family here."
qiaoqiao sun
Student 2018
"I don't know anyone in Boston but I really wanted to study here due to its famous schools. L&T helped me to apply for a class and helped me to settle down. I really thank them for their outstanding service."
Mr. Castejón
Student 2017
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